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Treatment Purpose

The purpose of our comprehensive program is to provide you with the best possible care to improve your health as fast as possible .Your problem did not occur overnight and requires time to improve. Our focus is to find the cause(s) of your problem, achieve maximum correction, improving how your body functions. The end result will be you feeling better and enjoying life again.

Your program will include all of the following:

Neurologic / Brain Based Therapy:

To properly stimulate areas of your brain that are unhealthy. These may vary depending upon which areas of your brain need to be addressed.

Healthy neurons need:

• Proper stimulation

• Lots of energy

• No inflammation


Feeling better due to improved brain function (brain-gut-body connection)

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Nutritional / Metabolic Care:

Nutritional assessment findings and supplementation specific to those findings.

Nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations.


More energy, Stress relief, Mental clarity, Decreased inflammation and pain

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Chiropractic / Structural Care:

• Spinal and extremity adjustments

• Stretches

• Spinal exercises


Reduced pain, Reduced muscle tension, Strength/Balancing of your brain.

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Your initial visit will be approximately one hour and all visits thereafter will be 20-30 minutes.

Your Health Matters !

Sincerely, Dr. Frank